We have been running Asterby & Chalkcroft Nursery now for some twenty years.

We just grow plants. We have some 3000 different varieties, (not all available all the time.) from Bedding plants, Geraniums and Fuchsias in the Summer, to hardy Perennials, Shrubs, Conifers and Trees all year round, including many rare or unusual kinds. And If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we will always try to get it in for you. We don’t mollycoddle our plants – so when they get into your garden, they are already aclimatized to the outside world.

When you've had a look round our website, and checked out our online database of plants, we hope you'll feel inspired to come and see us and have a browse around the nursery. Plants in the leaf are better than any description or picture.

In the Spring and Autumn we have a good range of Hanging Baskets to buy, ready made, or have your own baskets filled with plants to your choice!

Alternativly, we can send out most plants by Mail Order, via the Post for smaller ones, or carrier for bigger ones. Please ask us for a quotation. We take all the usual cards at the nursery, or you can pay over the phone.

And if you’re new to gardening, or a bit puzzled by things horticultural, just ask our advice – it’s free!

If you are after a list of things, see our Designers Page.

Without customers we haven't got a business, and the more customers we have, the greater the variety of plants we can grow - which in turn means there's more for you to choose from.

We’ll look foward to seeing you !